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John Lee Parham

October 10th, 1907 - January 21st, 1976

Loved my Dad and miss him so.  It was such a shock when he died so young.  He, too, was an accomplished man.  He had to quit school when he was 14. His dad also died young and left his Mother with six other younger children.  I know that he and one or two of his brothers built a small home for them in Wickliffe, KY.  Wish that he had told me the story, but he was always tight-lipped about those hard times.   He was a complicated person and a man of a few words.  Being a very smart, quick-witted person, he soon was a self-taught builder.  Most of his building career was of the commercial kind.  He built our home in Arlington.  However, residential was not his favorite career.  He built Deena Lamp factories and eventually retired to work as a mechanic being his own boss.
     He fancied himself as a gentleman farmer and always had this gigantic garden giving away the fruits of his labor to any and everyone.  He loved his cattle and would cry when Mom made him sell them.  He even bought a pony for the grandkids to ride when we visited  He loved classical music, collecting antiques and fine food, always bringing something different home for our Mom to prepare.  Going to the bottoms in his fishing boat was his favorite relaxation.  I went with him "once" and once only.  Scared me seeing those 12-foot snakes hanging in the cypress trees.  He never asked me again.  One could always tell when he was happy as he would whistle tunes.  I did not hear him sing much, but when he did he could carry a tune which I did not inherit from him.  lol  
   He loved his Nash cars and would occasionally take a trip.  He and Mom drove to New London, Connecticut for a visit and I so enjoyed having them. 
     We often spent our summer vacations visiting my parents in KY and Dad and Vince were great buddies.  My husband being a nuclear engineer often said that Dad was one of the smartest people he had ever met.  I knew that he was very smart and clever, but I did not inherit that skill as I don't think out of that side of my brain.   Brother Mike got that gift from him.  However, one of his grandsons, Jim, is very much like him.   John Parham certainly made his mark on the world, and I am very proud to be his daughter.


John is buried alongside his son, Jack, my Mother Gertrude, and my husband Vince in Arlington, KY cemetery.